Organisation of the Ministry of Finance Organisation of the Ministry of Finance

Minister of Finance

Alternate Minister of Finance

Deputy Minister of Finance Tax Policy and Public Property

G. S. of Economic Policy

General Directorate of Economic Policy

Central State Aid Unit

Privatization Unit, Mobile Securities Management & Operational Planning

♦ Independent Property Valuation and Determination Department

G. S. of Tax Policy and Public Property

♦ General Directorate for the Prosecution of Economic Crimes (SDOE)

♦ Directorate of tax policy

♦ Directorate of Economic Crime Investigation

♦ General Directorate of Public Property & Public Welfare Property

Real Estate Services (3 Directorates 51 Independent Departments)

♦ Independent Real Estate Registry Department

♦ Indipendent Helliniko Office

G. S. of Fiscal Policy

           → Independent Business Analysis and Support Department

           ♦ Special Secretariat of Financial Auditing

♦ Ceneral Co-funded Programs Directorate

♦ General Directorate of Financial Audit

→ 62 Financial Supervisory and Control Services (DYEE 22 Directorates  40 Separate Departments) - contact details

General Directorate of Fiscal Policy & Budget

General Directorate of Treasury and Public Rules

General Directorate of Public Sector Pensions (has been abolished and set up the Public Sector Pensions Administration, which is now subject to EFKA)


Official Secretariat of Ministry of Finance

Special Secretariat for Private Debt Management

G. S. of Information Systems (since 9/7/2019 G.S. is transferred to the Ministry of Digital Governance)