Organisation of the Ministry of Finance Organisation of the Ministry of Finance

Minister of Finance

Internal Audit Unit

Division A - Internal Audit

Division B - Information Systems Control

Division C - Internal Affairs

Independent Public Relations and Press Office

Council of Economic Experts (SOE)

♦ Financial Crime Investigation Directorate


G. S. of the Ministry of Finance

General Directorate of Financial Services

♦ Independent Directorate of Human Resources and Organization

♦ Independent Parliamentary Control Department

♦ Independent Law Initiative Division

♦ Independent Emergency Design Policy Department  (PSEA)


G. S. of Information Systems

♦ General Directorate Infrastructure of Information Technology and Communications

Ceneral Directorate for the Development and Production of Information Systems

♦ Independent Department of Strategy, Planning and Project Management

♦ Independent Security Department


G. S. of Economic Policy

♦ General Directorate of Economic Policy

♦ Central State Aid Unit

Privatization Unit, Mobile Securities Management & Operational Planning


Alternate Minister of Finance


Deputy Minister of Finance


G. S. of Fiscal Policy

→ Independent Business Analysis and Support Department

♦ General Directorate of Fiscal Policy & Budget

♦ General Directorate of Treasury and Public Rules

♦ General Directorate of Financial Audit

→ 62 Financial Supervisory and Control Services (DYEE 22 Directorates  40 Separate Departments)

Ceneral Co-funded Programs Directorate

♦ General Directorate of Public Sector Pensions


G. S. of Public Property

♦ General Directorate of Public Property & Public Welfare Property

♦ Indipendent Office of Supervision of the entities that Govern, Manage and Utilize Private Property of the State

♦ Independent Real Estate Registry Department

♦ Indipendent Helliniko Office

Real Estate Services (3 Directorates 51 Independent Departments)


Special  Secretariat of Financial Criminal Unit