PR: Arrest of a 26-year-old of Greek descent from Kazakhstan for import into the Greek Territory of raw cannabis

Twenty-five pounds and 935 grams of raw cannabis were seized in two postal parcels by employees of the Department of Narcotics and Arms of the Operational Directorate on SDOE Attica, on December 22nd, 2017.   A 26-year-old man of Greek descent from Kazakhstan was arrested while receiving the quantity of cannabis.

In particular, the Department of Narcotics and Arms of the Operational Directorate of SDOE Attica in collaboration with the Co-ordinating Drug Enforcement Agency and the Spanish Authorities (GUARDIA CIVIL) organized an operation of controlled delivery of two postal parcels, under the approval of the Athens Prosecutor's Office. The parcels came by post from Barcelona, Spain to our country, via the Madrid Barajas International Airport.
The man was arrested in a courier office of Moschato, at the very time he was receiving the parcels containing fake consignment details.  To receive them, he had taken care of a fake ID card with the same fake data.
As found by the investigation, the arrested person is a member of a broader drug trafficking and the above-forfeited quantity was intended for further drug trade.
The investigation is continuing in cooperation with the international and domestic competent services, both to identify and locate the sender of the above mentioned quantity of drugs seized, and the finding of other parcels of drugs with final destination our country.
The arrested man, after the file formed, was taken before the Public Prosecutor of Athens, and found to be well-known, having previously convicted for aggravated theft, robbery, conspiracy, possession of weapons and drugs and had recently been released.