PR: Visit of Deputy Finance Minister of Brandenburg in Athens

A meeting between the Deputy Finance Minister Caterina Papanatsiou and the Deputy Finance Minister of Branderbourg Daniela Trochowski was held yesterday and today in Athens, in the context of bilateral collaboration.

During her visit Mrs Trochowski was informed about the last economic news, the tax policy of the greek government and the actions for the tax evasion cracking. She was also informed, by the Ηead George Pitsilis and the executives of the Independent Principle for Public Revenues (IPPR) about the new framework and the mode of operation of IPPR, emphasizing on issues such as digitization and the Tax and Customs Academy.  Also Mrs Trochowski and Mrs Papanatsiou paid a visit at the Financial and Economic Crime Unit (SDOE) and were informed by the Special Secretary of SDOE Mr Stavros Thomadakis about the Unit’s reorganization and the new mode of operation.  Mrs Trochowski also visited the Greek Parliament and the Nicos Courcoulos Day Care Center of the Oncologic Hospital “Aghios Savvas”.

After the meetings, Mrs Papanatsiou emphasizes that: “In the modern global environment, the co-operation between governments is necessary in order to fight tax escape.  The Paradise Papers that followed Panama Papers, Lux Leaks, etc. revelation confirm the great importance of the struggle we give, to strike a decisive blow against tax fraud activity. Our government keeps battling in all international organizations as well as in bilateral co-operations, so as to impose transparency and justice rules in order to stop transferring economic burdens from the world elite class to economically weaker people. Co-operation with the german state government of Bradenbourg is a part of this fight”.  Mrs Trochowski, in return, underlined that: “Exchanging experiences between the Ministries of Finance is highly important for both sides.  We have learned a lot from the greek side and we go back in Bradenbourg having gained many triggers. On the next meetings, we shall find out specific cooperation fields, such as, e.g. tax service employees training, digitization or both tax evasion and economic crime cracking”.

Both ministers committed to follow up and broaden their collaboration in all issues of their responsibility.