Opening of State Aid Account for depositing donations for the purpose of supporting and strengthening the wildfire stricken areas

By order of the Minister of Finance, Mr. Christos Staikouras, a special purpose bank account named "State Aid Account – Private citizens donations" was opened today pursuant to law 4797/2021 (A' 66), which shall accept donations for the financing of programs and actions aimed at supporting and strengthening people affected by natural catastrophes, such as the extensive wildfires that hit certain areas of our country.
In these extremely difficult circumstances which our country is going through once again, with our fellow citizens being tested harshly and the catastrophic consequences of climate change becoming increasingly and globally visible, the State has tapped already from the outset, as it was expected to, into all the available State and European resources so as at a first stage to immediately provide compensation and support to households and businesses that have suffered losses by the wildfires, and at second stage take steps to enhance Civil Protection and restore the country's natural wealth and resources.
In this framework, aiming primarily at the most immediate possible relief of our fellow citizens, we have proceeded with the allocation of a complementary budget of 500 million euros combined with a speeding up of the relevant procedures, to enable the compensation of every fire-stricken citizen in any part of the country, while at the same time we are scheduling for the optimum utilization of all related European funding amounting to 16 billion euros to 2027, towards our adaptation to climate change and green transition.
Over the last two years the Greek Government and the Ministry of Finance had to manage multiple crises. We faced an unprecedented health crisis, extensive natural disasters, national challenges and immigration related difficulties. We came up with the required resources, we acted promptly, we compensated our compatriots without delay, we created a "protective safety net" over households and businesses, we enhanced national security and strengthened the country's power. We will use the same focus and speed to confront and respond to the current challenge and citizens' needs, humbly and with respect towards each and every citizen.
But we can all contribute to confronting the consequences of the wildfires and the restoration of our country's natural wealth. It is a challenge that requires responsibility and unity. True solidarity between businesses and citizens, to the extent of each one's abilities, is of utmost value. The financial resources that will be deposited during these times will be made available and utilized in a spirit of full transparency and accountability, at targeted actions aiming at the support and relief of people hit by the wildfires as well as the restoration of forests and other ecosystems, which will all be publicly announced.
The IBAN number of the special purpose account is GR 9501000230000002341227461.