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About the State Budget execution bulletin of January 2017

In the context of harmonization of the state budget bulletin presentation for the year 2017, according to ESA, the following changes took place in relation to the year 2016:

A) Expenditure of guarantees called to bodies classified inside the general government is presented on a gross basis, while the corresponding revenue is now included in the ordinary budget revenue of Table 1A.

B) Expenditure of debt assumption of general government bodies is included in the primary expenditure of Table 1A.

C) The State Budget Primary Balance and the State Budget Balance of Table 1A for the year 2017 are comparable with those of Tables 3.2 and 3.16 of the Budget Introductory report of 2017.

D) Table 1B is dedicated to the settlement program of previous years’ arrears and its balance constitutes the working balance.

E) Military procurement, guarantees called, debt assumptions of general government bodies and disbursement fee to banks, EFSF and other government debt expenses are presented separately for comparability purposes, although they are included in the primary expenditure.