Pr: Deputy Minister of Finance meets German Delegation

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Mrs Caterina Papanatsiou, met with the Deputy President of the German Left Party “Linke”, Mr Axel Troost, as well as with the State Secretary Minister of Finance of Brandenburg, Mrs Daniela Trochowski. Purpose of the meeting was to exchange knowledge and information relating to the tax collection policy of Greece and the State of Brandenburg and to seek a mutual cooperation in this field.   

The independency of the General Secretariat of Public Revenue and the new context of cooperation between the new independent authority and the Ministry of Finance were discussed in detail. Moreover, the recently voted, by the greek parliament, bill relating electronic transactions and the voluntary tax disclosure of undeclared income were debated.  As far as the voluntary tax disclosure is concerned Mrs Daniela Trochowski cited that this is a tool of permanent use, in Germany, while the main benefit offered to the tax payer is the lack of criminal penalties.  

Also, within the framework of the Ministry of Finance’s actions to improve tax policy were referred, among others, the adoption of the interconnection of cash registers with the Ministry of Finance as well as electronic invoices issues.

The Deputy Minister Mrs Caterina Papanatsiou underlined that the steering axes of the government’s tax policy are to fight tax evasion and smuggling. The attendees were skeptical until a future meeting, aiming to a thorough examination of the above issues, takes place.  A visit of a greek group at the Brandenburg Tax Training Academy was proposed by the german side in order to exchange perspectives and experiences regarding to the forthcoming establishment of a corresponding Academy in our country.